Cutting Board Care

8th Jan 2022

Cutting Board Care

Forty years ago (wow!) I made this in Mr. Tanner’s 7th grade wood shop class at Porta Jr. High. I gave it to my Mom for Christmas and she, in turn gave it back to me when I had my own place at EIU (see battle scar). Many family meals have been prepared and served on this cutting board and many memories were made around it. I decided to give it a little TLC by sanding out the knife marks, old pencil marks, and the tool marks left because Mr. Tanner wouldn’t let us use anything but a file and a piece of sandpaper. I can tell you that I used my palm sander and 80, 120, and 220 grit sandpaper and wished that I could have used it in 1979! Four coats of cutting board oil later and it will last another 40 years. Hopefully it can stay in the family and one of my grandchildren can restore it again sometime.

Our cutting and serving boards will last you 40+ years with proper care. This is our best advice to keep your board looking good for many years to come:

  • Hand wash only, do not place in the dishwasher.
  • Do not soak in water.
  • Do not expose to heat or sunshine.
  • Occasionally coat with cutting board oil to prevent the wood from drying out.